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Image of Fareed Haque holding an acoustic guitar.


“Best World Guitarist.” – Guitar Player Magazine 2009 Readers’ Choice Awards

“Classical and jazz, East and West, the future and the past, the brain and the booty all come together in glorious harmony via his fleet fingers and freewheeling spirit.” – Guitar Player Magazine

“A finely honed classical technique and a deep well of experience in pop music makes Haque a singular figure in music.” – Chicago Tribune

“A jazz-fusion and classical player known for stunning guitarmanship.” – Vintage Guitar Magazine

“This show was incredible. The variation in sound over the course of the show was staggering.” – Chicago Jam Scene

“The dust started stirring early on Saturday, May 26th as Summer Camp 2012 was moving forward at full speed. We first made our way down to the Jagermeister Starshine Stage for Fareed Haque’s MathGames!. If you are not yet familiar with this band then you are missing out on an innovative and impressive musical adventure. Fareed’s guitar leads the group of tremendously skilled musicians who mix musical styles from funky jazz to electronica, which must be why MathGames! is known for “Taking you to space while time traveling dimensions.” Thier sound is beautifully unique and it will without a doubt mess with your brain while making you wiggle at the same time.” – Ashley Downing, The Roving Festival Writer

“Across the park, Fareed Haque & MathGames practiced their trigonometry and algebra with the folks of the Starshine Stage. Greg Fundis’ work on the drum kit was pretty much unsurpassed by another drummer the whole weekend while Fareed’s renowned talent paved a path of stellar exploration.” – Mike Kaiz, Summer Camp Music Festival 2012 Review, Jambands.com

“Stemming from Haque’s compositions based upon out-of-the-box ideas like the Fibonacci sequence, MathGames!’s primary jam-vehicle is funky jazz-fusion that grooves to the highest degree.” – Greg Molitor, Music Marauders

“Fareed Haque – man, he just kicked my ass. He’s got this band Garaj Mahal, and I was kind of familiar with him and I got a chance to play with him at the High Sierra Festival. Man, he’s my new hero. I’m going to Chicago in a couple of weeks and I’m gonna call ahead so I can sit down and get a couple of lessons.” – Karl Denson, Blue Note Recording Artist

“…a showcase for the jaw-dropping talents of the four band members, Mondo Garaj provides a snapshot of how these four gifted individuals — each of whom could be a bandleader in his own right — combine into a fine-tuned unit.” – Hal Horowitz, All Music Guide Dec 2003

“3 ½ stars – This perfectly good American jam band with jazz smarts takes things to the next exciting level when looking to the land south of the Himalayas about half the time on their first studio album. Fareed Haque, of Pakistani bloodroots, lets loose with his considerable imagination as guitarist and composer – “Beware My Ethnic Heart” rekindles the Mahavishnu inner mounting flame and three more of his songs reach the ears in a terrific surge of well-played sitar guitar, bass (Kai Eckhardt), drums (Alan Hertz) and keyboards (Eric Levy). The band is worthy of the touching of the guru’s feet.” – Garaj Mahal Mondo Garaj Review in Downbeat Magazine, 19 April 2004

“Garaj Mahal has a toe in the ‘jam’ pool (largely evident in Alan Hertz’ 4-on-the-floor drumming, the Medeski, Martin & Wood-via Jimmy Smith organ parts, and the occasional drone-based piece) but these guys can all play their butts off, they have an excellent grasp of songwriting dynamics, and they also know when to stop soloing…A fine long-player overall, lots of surprises…” – Ken Egbert, Jazznow magazine, Feb 2004

“…the freewheeling fusion of jazz-rock explosion Garaj Mahal…. soulful drummer Alan Hertz and funky, street-smart keyboardist Eric Levy….bespectacled virtuoso Fareed Haque, and worldly bass extraordinaire Kai Eckhardt [is a] gorgeous, exploratory, mind-frying, bass-flogging booty shaker…Mike Matray, Down Beat Magazine, July 2002 … Garaj Mahal is a loose, rocking beast of a band… Labels and preconceived constrictions don’t matter because “now its just music”. – Michael Deeds, The Washington Post, April 16, 2003

“This jazz outfit takes the best of the old-school and new-school formats and creates a genre that busts out, fusing traditional grooves with modern rock riffs… Garaj Mahal is leading the pack.” – Wendy Kale, Colorado Daily, November 2002

“…this quartet gives new meaning to the concept of a group being bigger than the sum of its disparate parts… Garaj Mahal has the X-factor that wows audiences. They achieve this through a combination of powerful chops laden instrumentation, collective groove and improvisational chance taking. Garaj Mahal’s rhythm section is as dynamic and entertaining as the best in the business, and the band’s melodic voices go way outside the box. Jam band fans and anyone else with an interest in seeking out a “thinking musicians band” will be more than delighted with a night spent boogieing to Garaj Mahal.” – Ted Silverman, Jambase, 04-06-01

“Modern jazz has never sounded so good. The four members that makeup jam band sensation Garaj Mahal have the combined performance experience and technical knowledge of an army of musicians, not to mention a natural talent for improvising great grooves… Garaj Mahal is like a recipe for a really tasty, unique dish.” – Anne-Marie Campbell, Whistler This Week, 11-28-02

Short Biography

Fareed Haque is a modern guitar virtuoso. Steeped in classical and jazz traditions, his unique command of the guitar and different musical styles inspire his musical ventures with tradition and fearless innovation.

Haque has toured and recorded with Joe Zawinul, Billy Cobham, Dave Holland, Paquito D’Rivera, Sting, Zakir Hussain, Bob James, Joe Henderson and many others, in addition to co-leading groups with Tony Monaco, Paul Wertico, Goran Ivanovic, Garaj Mahal, and The Chicago Immigrant Orchestra. Haque has released numerous albums as a leader, in jazz, classical, world music and fusion styles, and is the recipient of numerous accolades and awards including  Best World Guitarist, Guitar Player Magazine 2009, 2004 Acoustic Album of the Year, 2007 Independent Music Award, and Best New World Music Group in Chicago Reader Poll 2020.

In addition to a busy touring schedule, Haque is Professor Emeritus of jazz and classical guitar at Northern Illinois University, where he taught for 30 years, and has released 13 best selling video courses thru Truefire.