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Fareed has been a D’Addario user for over 20 years. He typically uses J45s or J46s with EXP basses for classical guitars, and Custom D’Addario Chrome sets 15-56.

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Check out Fareed’s interview with Henriksen Amplifiers, which goes into a deep dive on his favorite Amps and what settings he uses, at the link below!

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Cling On Pickup unboxing and demo by Fareed

Fareed was the first and continues to be the artist dedicated to bringing the Moog Guitar to life and to music. The Moog guitar is a magical instrument. It is a true innovation and an extension of what electric guitar is…to what it wants to be. The future of the electric guitar is here and it is MOOG.

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Fareed plays custom electronic guitars designed by Brian Galloup of Galloup Guitars.

A revolutionary design that embraces and enhances the traditional jazz archtop.

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When Brian Galloup and Sam Guidry approached me about designing a guitar, we discussed creating a guitar that plays and feels and sounds like a traditional archtop, with virtually no feedback at high volumes, and sustain and playability throughout the range, and no wolf tones.

So we came up with a flat back, arched top, no f-holes, small tone block under bridge.

This block under the bridge ties the back and top together virtually eliminating wolf notes, creating a fat, even guitar with punch and incredible sustain.

With this guitar now I can easily play full chords at high volumes above the 12th fret!!

A traditional jazz guitar without the traditional problems!!!


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