Fareed & His Funk Bros. (Formerly MathGames)

World renowned guitar virtuoso, Professor Fareed Haque, recently returned from interstellar pan-dimensional time travel to bring ‘jazztronica’ to earth with his new band MathGames!.

Featuring The Moogtar – an innovative analog future-guitar developed by the legendary Moog corporation, FaredHaque’s Mathgames will transport you thru visuals. electronica into the Grungiiverse. Featuring Greg Fundis on drums and electronic percussion and Alex Austin on electric upright bass.

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“This show was incredible. The variation in sound over the course of the show was staggering.”
Frazier, Chicago Jam Scene

“The dust started stirring early on Saturday, May 26th as Summer Camp 2012 was moving forward at full speed. We first made our way down to the Jagermeister Starshine Stage for Fareed Haque’s MathGames!. If you are not yet familiar with this band, than you are missing out on an innovative and impressive musical adventure. Fareed’s guitar leads the group of tremendously skilled musicians who mix musical styles from funky jazz to electronica, which must be why MathGames! is known for “Taking you to space while time traveling dimensions.” Thier sound is beautifully unique and it will will without a doubt mess with your brain while making you wiggle at the same time.” – Ashley Downing, The Roving Festival Writer

“Across the park, Fareed Haque & MathGames practiced their trigonometry and algebra with the folks of the Starshine Stage. Greg Fundis’ work on the drum kit was pretty much unsurpassed by another drummer the whole weekend while Fareed’s renowned talent paved a path of stellar exploration.” – Mike Kaiz, Summer Camp Music Festival 2012 Review, Jambands.com

“Stemming from Haque’s compositions based upon out-of-the-box ideas like the fibonacci sequence, MathGames!’s primary jam-vehicle is funky jazz-fusion that grooves to the highest degree.” – Greg Molitor, Music Marauders


Fareed Haque – Classical & Moog Guitars

Greg Fundis – Acoustic & Electronic Drums

Alex Austin – Electric & Upright Bass

Jesse Clayton – Keys & Electronics

Craig Pessolano – Visuals

MathGames! History & Background

MathGames! was formed in 2010 as side project for Fareed Haque, Greg Fundis, and Alex Austin. By bringing together a wealth of knowledge in multicultural music and genres the MathGames! sound was formed. The band remained a trio until the spring of 2012 when Jesse Clayton, former keyboard player of “The Macpodz,” joined the band. Jesse adds complexity to their sound and adds an unmistakable energy to the band. MathGames! will continue to flourish with music that is progressive, multidimensional and fun.


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