Fareed endorses the following brands:


Alhambra Guitars Logo

Fareed now proudly endorses Alhambra Classical and Acoustic guitars!

” I love the Alhambra line of classical guitars! The Flamenco models 7fp and 10fp are fantastic recording guitars!

Traditional spanish sound and construction, superb playability and intonation, impeccable balance. The thinline classical acoustic electrics serve me perfectly in live settings at rock concert volumes, they still provide an excellent sound with minimal feedback issues. Blending in mic and pickup at lower volumes has produced a lovely tone, with audience members and musicians alike loving the sound, unaware that the guitar was amplified at all!

At the upper end, the Luthier and Professional models are true concert guitars.
I have owned Fleta, Rodriguez, Ramirez, Rubio guitars. The Alhambra guitars stand side by side with these historic guitars. The Alhambra concert guitars are powerful, with fantastic projection and a fat, clear sound, musical, expressive and dynamic – a great performing guitar at a fraction of the price!”


“I continue to use and support Stromberg Jazz Guitars. An excellent, professional jazz guitar at any price point, but certainly the best instrument for under $1500!!”

You can hear Fareed playing Stromberg on his 2009 recording Flat Planet, as well as on his upcoming release Out of Nowhere featuring Billy Hart and George Mraz.

To hear Fareed on his Stromberg listen to “32 Taxis” and “The Chant” as well as “I Got It Bad.”


Fareed was the first and continues to be the artist dedicated to bringing the Moog Guitar to life and to music.The Moog guitar is a magical instrument. It is a true inovation and an extension of what electric guitar is…to what it wants to be. The future of the electric guitar is here and it is MOOG.

AND check out Fareed’s newest collaboration!

Fareed’s new guitar is almost ready. Brian Galoup and Sam Guidry have been hard at work w/ Fareed designing and building this new innovative twist on a Jazz Electric. Check these behind the scenes shots direct from the spray booth!


Fareed has been a D’Addario user for over 20 years. He typically uses J45s or J46s with EXP basses for classical guitars, and Custom D’Addario Chrome sets 15-56.


Fareed uses the Digitech IDP 10.