Flat Earth Ensemble

Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble to Perform at The 2013 Chicago World Music Festival!

Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble performs Hymn of the Ancients at this years Chicago World Music festival. Haque’s newest project brings together the mystery and majesty of Persian and Arabic voices and instruments with american jazz, funk in a set of ‘all new’ compositions and arrangements.

As a young boy Haque spent a summer in Tabriz, one of the most beautiful and ancient Persian cities in the north if Iran. Haque had his first French lessons, first classical guitar lessons, [even first dates!] in what was then a progressive and liberal center of art and culture in the East. In a few short months, revolution, the result in part of historically documented US and British intervention, was to dramatically transform Iran into the troubled and dangerous part of the world it is today.

Haque’s fascination with Persian and middle eastern music has always been an inspiration, and thru friendship and jam sessions with Essam Rafea, Fared Shafnury and others this new music began to take form. Currently wrapping up in the studio Haque’s new CD on Delmark records ‘Trance Hypothesis’ will feature the Hymn of the Ancients band.

September 20, 2013
Humboldt Park Boathouse
1359 N. Sacramento Ave.
All Ages
Co-Presented with the Latino Music Festival

Alex Austin bass, US
Greg Fundis drums, US
Omar Almusfi percussion, Syria
with Special Guests:
Essam Rafea – Oud and voice, Syria
Fared Shafnury – Voice and Setar, Iran
Subrata Bhattacharya – Tabla, India

About Fared Shafinury

Fared Shafinury is the artist that best represents the hyphenated-generation of Iranian-Americans today. He is a critically acclaimed composer, vocalist, poet, Persian setarist and multi-instrumentalist, that has effectively unearthed his ancestral roots in classical Persian music & poetry, as well as reinvigorating the ancient sound with a modern touch – seamlessly morphing together influences ranging from American folk/rock/blues to classical/& folk Iranian music. The power in his voice transcends the listener from the sleepy beach towns along the Gulf of Mexico, to the soft gentile rolling hills of central Texas, to the dramatic mist hidden cliffs of Big Sur California, and melodically retracing an arc back to the scattered villages of Iran, to find themselves at the foothills of a modern Tehran today.

Shafinury studied the cello since the age of 10, began Persian vocalization techniques and singing since the age of 12 with his father in South Texas. He began playing the Santur at age 13 & picked up the Persian Setar by the age of 16. Fared studied the vocal and instrumental repertoire known as the radiff with Ostad Muhammad Reza Lotfi, Masoud Shaari, Mozafari, Soukuti & Ostad Zolghadr from years 2001 to 2008. He formed his first ensemble and performed at age 20 in Austin, TX. He has released one EP (Tehranosaurus) and one LP album (Behind the Seas). He has performed numerous shows across the globe with his band Tehranosaurus. Now he performs solo shows with an all star world class ensemble with the likes of Abboss Kosimov, Indrajit Banerjee, Saba Alizadeh, Jason Mckenzie, Jason Ditzian, & Miles Jay.

About Essam Rafea

Oud master and Damascus native Essam Rafea has recently settled in Dekalb, Illinois.
Rafea is the Chair of the Arabic Music Department at High Institute of Music in Damascus and the principal conductor of Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic Music. Essam has performed in France, Spain, Morocco, Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Kuwait, and Syria, and won first prize in the oud category at the 2000 Cairo Improvisation Competition.

Essam is the founder of the award-winning Syrian takht ensemble Twais and the international ensemble Hewar. He has collaborated with a wide range of musicians, including Jean-Christophe Frish’s Musiques des Lumiè res XVIII-21, and Blur frontman Damon Albarn, on his project Gorillaz.

About Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble
Fareed Haque’s Flat Earth Ensemble is a group that realizes the musical vision Haque has had for decades. During his years at Blue Note records, touring nationally with jam greats Garaj Mahal, or in his many projects with Sting, Paquito Rivera, Joe Zawinul or Zakir Hussein, Haque has long sought to record the new sounds that were as much a part of him as his DNA.

The musical mission of Flat Earth Ensemble is to incorporate the charismatic dance and folk music of his Punjabi roots in India and Pakistan with the traditions of American jazz and funk. Utilizing the finest players from opposite sides of the world, Flat Earth Ensemble moulds the sounds of different worlds into a dynamic, contemporary sound. The result is music that reverberates from the tubes of guitar amplifiers to the streets of Mumbai.


The latest album Flat Planet is now available from Owl Studios!
Listen to an audio demonstration of the Flat Earth Ensemble.




The Flat Earth Ensemble

Fareed Haque – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Guistar
Subrata Bhattacharya or Salar Nader – Tabla
Indrajit Banerjee or Abhisek Mallick – Sitar
Willerm Delisfort – Piano/Keyboards
Alex Austin – Bass
Greg Fundis – Drums
Nirmalya Roy – Vocals

The Flat Earth Trio

Fareed Haque – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Guistar
Subrata Bhattacharya or Salar Nader – Tabla
Indrajit Banerjee or Abhisek Mallick – Sitar

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Stage Plots

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Stage Plot
Stage Plot with Singer
Stage Plot with Piano/Keys